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ApplicantProtect Suite

An intuitive platform to manage the safe onboarding and screening of your applicants or licensees.

  • Automated Forms, Letters, Email Notifications
  • Keep track of all your applicants with a roster to manage hire dates, license dates, training dates
  • Customized reporting for metrics and general information
  • Workflow assignments, keep track of workload and reassign tasks where you need it
  • Security concerns? We encrypt all sensitive data to protect you from prying eyes
  • Don’t have something you need, tell us!


Easily keep track of all your applicants throughout the hiring, licensing or screening process; all the way through employment or licensing decisions.

  • Quick & efficient data entry for applicant or licensee onboarding
  • Configure for internal use or allow applicant external access
  • Workflow management to easily keep track of your applicants
  • Manage demographic data to customize what data you want to capture


Predetermine and validate your applicants through custom registry sources. Save time and expense not having to fingerprint applicants who are already on your registry.

  • Verify your applicants through custom or public registries
  • Reduce expense of unnecessary fingerprinting by prequalifying applicants
  • Keep historical records for auditing purposes of registries verified during the onboarding process
  • Customize workflow capabilities to efficiently manage in-process applications
  • Check your applicants against Registries such as the National and State Sex Offender list, Office of Inspector General (OIG), and others.


Efficiently track and update all of your applicants' hiring or licensing eligibility decisions in one streamlined workflow.

  • Make informed decisions on your applicants and track historical applicant assessments for future audits
  • Configure for internal use or allow applicant external access
  • Real-time reporting of eligibility via hard copy reports or email notifications