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InnovativeBCS has worked or partnered with a select group of partners that align with our business and technology solutions for the benefit of our customers. These partnerships are built on mutual respect and collaboration because we recognize the vital role these partnerships play in adding value for our clients. These strategic alliances include:

CNA is a not-for-profit organization that serves the public's interests by providing in-depth research and solutions-oriented analyses to help decision makers choose the best course of action in setting policy and managing operations. CNA was involved at the inception of the National Background Check Program (NBCP) and later awarded a grant to provide technical assistance to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to help states implement the NBCP requirements authorized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Innovative Architects has been working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the background check system program since 2007. During this time, we have partnered with the FBI to implement integration the livescan system with various state policy agencies.

InnovativeBCS team has worked with the District of Columbia since 2011 to develop their background check solution. With our rapid deployment implementation, we were able to “go-live” with their platform in 2012, just six months after kicking off the project.

InnovativeBCS team has worked with the state of Utah since 2011 to develop and customize their background check solution. Additionally, the team integrated the platform with their custom department of public safety systems. our team, working virtual and on-site, led to a successful platform launch in 2012.

InnovativeBCS has been a Microsoft gold partner for 5+ years. we are a top 10 managed partner in the southeast in Microsoft enterprise and mid-sized accounts. During our partnership, InnovativeBCS has been helping Microsoft sell and support server applications throughout the country to offer our customers the best value and technology available.

Similar to Microsoft sales, InnovativeBCS has a solid and highly valued relationship with Microsoft consulting services. we are a managed Microsoft consulting services partner.