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State Law Enforcement

The Problem

State Police are facing requirements for an increasing variety of non-criminal justice requests for fingerprint-based criminal history record information. Regulatory compliance plus new state and federal legislation are a growing concern. In addition to these pressures, State Police resources are limited, dissemination schemes are getting more complex, and routine audits are intended to hold personnel to the highest standard.

The Solution

InnovativeBCS is based on in-depth experiences that have been developed over several years of solving the background check management problems of state agencies in health, child and adult protection, licensing, and other agencies. We have customized approaches to all aspects of managing the background check process including:

  • Rap Back - State and federal rap back programs will add substantially to the subscription management and notification requirements for CHRI dissemination.
  • Our RapBackProtect solution securely manages these tasks with minimal change to existing State AFIS and CCH systems.
  • Standards Compliance - XML rap sheets and NLETS / NIEM standards for CHRI transmission mean challenges, but present opportunities for intelligent rap sheet processing.
  • Our products have been adapted to interface with EBTS/NIST, State AFIS and CCH vendor solutions, State payment portals, and NIEM standard rap sheet.
  • Our technical support team can help you navigate through the latest technologies to take advantage of the new standards for viewing rap sheet and CHRI transmissions.